Dibender Thadhani
Spoken Presentation Coach

Native language: Hindi, India
Other Languages: Hindi, English, Sindhi, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese
Currently living in: India
Skype name: Dkumar

HINDI TUTOR - QUALIFIED & EXPERIENCED OFFERS PERSONAL FACE-TO-FACE / ONLINE LESSONS HINDI LESSONS: We are Expatriates Native Hindi Trainer-qualified, trained and have been tutoring Hindi language for over 35 years.
We offer customized, private Hindi face-to-face lessons in Mumbai and New Mumbai. Online lessons-anywhere in the world for students at every level - beginner, intermediate and advanced. Our lessons are personalized with utmost attention to the particular objectives of each student. As educators, we employ accurate teaching methods necessary for learning grammatical structure, phonetics, conversation, reading, writing, and comprehension. And, we know how to make the learning experience fun! This approach allows the students to overcome any obstacle they may have with learning Hindi language.
In our private tutoring sessions, we work closely with each student and quickly determine needed areas for improvement in Hindi language. Private instructions with a professionally trained teacher focus on the student’s specific goals ease concerns, and makes learning quicker and enjoyable.
For you, tutoring hours are flexible and at your convenience. We offer tutoring, all days - Monday to Sunday, face-to-face from 6:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. and can be given at your home, office or common place whichever is most convenient. We recommend two to three classes per week, one to one and a half hours each time. Each week’s lesson begins with a review of the last week’s class before moving on to new material.
We work with students to determine their needs for learning Hindi and gear up tutoring, accordingly.

  • Onsite: Mumbai, New Mumbai
  • Online
    • www.ptbonline.net
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